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Presale already started!

What is Gron Digital - Gron Digital is a secure, transparent, auditable and fair open Gaming Platform on the Blockchain. The Platform is operated by a utility token – called GRO. Gron Digital has several key advantages over its competitors. The founders of Gron Digital possess the relevant expertise in the industry: We are a legal Licensed Manufacturer and Service Provider to the Gaming Industry; We have the knowledge and hands-on experience in the Gaming and Betting domain; We have the IT infrastructure, necessary expertise, the management and the development team required to execute a project of this nature efficiently; and We have the Gambling and Betting certified products used in a production environment.

Problem - The Global Gaming and Betting industry has been around for years and will be around for many more owing to the attractiveness and growing demand within the industry. Despite this, there are undeniably fundamental issues which the Gaming and Betting industry is confronted with. There are many factors that affect the Gaming and Betting industry negatively. At the forefront, it is the issue of trust. Without trust people are hesitant to transact. Trust affects all aspects of the industry from fair games, to reputable operators, to the systems that hold customers’ deposits and manage their winnings.

Solution - The Gron Digital will provide assurance to all role players as transactions in the industry guarantee transparency and fairness through the cryptographically verified code, rather than human intervention. Gron Digital offers a platform which caters for and brings together all role players in the industry, who can harmoniously co-exist and share the revenues. This will offer an eco-system that is transparent and trustworthy, as it allows people to partake in Gaming and Betting activities, administered by cryptographically verifiable code.

The presale started on 09/01/2018 at time 00:00 UTC. Gron Digital Pre-Sale is Live. Participate Now and Get 40% Extra Bonus on your Contribution. Pre-ICO is scheduled to run for 45 days, followed by 4 rounds of ICO.
We have fixed our hard cap at 570m GRO.

The GRO price is fixed in ETH, 1 GRO = 0.0001 ETH. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash to buy GRO. We accept the investors from any country, but US investors can't participate.

Bounty Program - The Gron Digital have a new bounty campaign, which will last for 8 weeks. There are 19,000,000 tokens available for this bounty, amounting to 2,000,000 USD. You can find more info about bounty program at this link bitcointalk.orgindex.php?topic=2858989.msg29344962#msg29344962
If you have any queries regarding Gron Digital, you can join our Official Gron Digital community chat:

Thank you for your interest in our project. :)
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