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There was one issue. in my post. I used "address" as the type. But I could have swore I tried using the contract's name as the type before.
oh well. It works now.

When instantiating a contract, it looks like it needs an address as an argument.
Why is that?
pragma solidity ^ 0.4.18; contract gemsToken { function gemsToken(){ } } contract SoulPyramid{ gemsToken souleculeGemsSource; address addresso; function SoulPyramid(address addresso) public{ souleculeGemsSource = gemsToken(addresso); } }

Why does one of these factory/sub-contract contract pairs compile, but the other doesn't. There are no changes except names and then other variables functions around them.

The one that doesn't work: https://pastebin.com/Rcm7P0ie
The very simple one that doesn't: https://pastebin.com/eWAHG3PT

I get the error "browser/fullsoul.sol:40:28: TypeError: Exactly one argument expected for explicit type conversion."
even when I simplify the code that doesn't work to just the functions and variables of concern, it still doesn't work but with the same error.
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