Ether Voxel Space - 3D World on Ethereum blockchain

Hi everyone! I've published my first smart contract and Dapp recently. It's a 3d world made of voxels stored on the ethereum blockchain:

Ether Voxel Space ( )

The world is a 3-dimensional (256x256x256) array storing coordinates, material type and ownership information about the voxels.

There are 4 types of interactions allowed for users: Place, Repaint, Destroy and Transfer. After placing new voxel in the world, it’s owner can repaint it with another color, destroy it or transfer ownership to another ethereum address. Fee for every action is set to 0.0001 ETH to support further development and limit spam.

Although the contract is immutable, the rest of the dapp isn't. For example, there are 16 materials (plain colors) for voxels right now. But the contract permits a maximum of 256 voxel materials so we can decide on how the remaining 240 should look like. (maybe even deploy a contract to vote on them?)

All of the code is open source.

As this is my first take on dapps, I suppose there could be bugs, flaws or things that I couldn't foresee. Let me know how do you like my idea / experiment, feedback is highly appreciated :)

P.S. If the world doesn't load immediately, wait a couple of seconds for voxels to show up.
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