About disclosing ICO-fund wallets

drfetzdrfetz Member Posts: 1
As a non-technical person, i have a hard time understanding, where collected funds from ICO-contracts go. So here's my question:
  1. Can i verify where the collected amount of Ether is transferred after a successful ICO?
  2. Is this address-information to find in the smart contract code?
  3. Is an ICO Fund wallet tracker tool out there?
In my opinion, there is a lack of transparency from crypto-companies' side, referring to the use and storage of collected funds. In accordance with the promises of unpermissioned blockchain tech, as there is decentralization, dis-intermediation and financial inclusion, wouldn't it be integer of ICO projects to disclose their fund wallet or multi-sig adresses for people and retail investors to observe them? what do you think?

If this discussion has been in this forum before, pls provide a link. If you think i haven't tried to find out myself, try googling on this topic, all search results will explain to you "how to buy ether".
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