Formal Announcement and Introduction to Verity Token


Welcome to the announcement of the Verity (VRTY) Token.

Ethereum Contract Address: 0x87e960f996E789CA2c8415fC449e4720ADBE0497
Verified Contract Address:

Verity Token

Verity Token, or Verity, has been constructed to bring truth and transparency to the consumer. Developed by Certified, Inc., Verity serves to authenticate virtually any marketing claim through objective, independent, third-party analysis by underlying the documentation exchanged during Certified, Inc.’s proprietary verification process. Verity, a utility token, primarily serves to provide a more accurate and traceable payment system for Certified, Inc. while simultaneously tracing the trail of verification documentation on an Ethereum blockchain network utilizing IBM Hyperledger®, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence®, and internet of things (IoT).

A link to an Official Memorandum written by legal counsel Neal Hutchinson (Florida Bar #324124) on the Verity Token and its classification as a utility token, based on it passing the Howey Test, is referenced below:
(Hyperlink to Official Memorandum dated 2.12.18)

Certified, Inc.

Certified, Inc., or Certified, is an international technology company that is dedicated to substantiating and verifying sourcing and other marketing-related claims. Certified has more than a decades’ worth of experience in Country of Origin labeling with it’s vetted, proprietary Made in USA Certified® supply chain verification process, and now seeks to apply the same system of verification to validate all marketing-related claims. Certified’s ability to sort and analyze source-gathered product information via Ethereum Blockchain, IBM Hyperledger®, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence®, and Internet of Things (IoT) offers predictive and secure data sourcing for both consumers and purchasing agents seeking purchasing decisions, as well as providing manufacturers with tracking solutions for their products to protect themselves against counterfeiting and diversion.

Initial Token Offering (ITO) Information:
20,000,000 Verity (VRTY) will be sold prior to the Initial Token Offering.
80,000,000 Verity (VRTY) will be offered to the public at a valuation of $1.50/VRTY. The date of the Verity ITO will be determined upon the closing of the 20,000,000 VRTY Pre-ITO.

Verity One™:
Verity One™ is Certified, Inc.’s mobile application that allows users/consumers to access the marketing-claim related validation information as well as additional product/company information. The Verity protocol is the foundation of the Verity One™ application program interface (API) ecosystem.

How to Obtain Additional Verity (VRTY) Tokens:
There are many ways an individual can acquire Verity, but a majority can be summed into two main categories:
  1. An individual has to download Certified’s Verity One™ mobile application and register in order to be compensated with VRTY Tokens. Once registered, there are a variety of ways a user/consumer can earn VRTY simply by reinforcing Certified’s UPC Database. Some of these methods of earning VRTY Tokens are listed below:
    • scanning UPC Codes on products in any retail store;
    • database lookup on products, i.e. utilizing the Verity One™ search engine for information on products;
    • commenting/reviewing about a product that has been scanned pre-or-post purchase with the Verity One™ mobile app;
    • inviting your friends and family to the Verity One™ mobile application;
    • adding products to the database by uploading a photo and some information if a UPC Code failed to register;
    • updating products in the database, such as uploading a higher quality image of the scanned product; and more.
  2. An individual can purchase Verity Token through a variety of digital asset exchanges (applications pending) that will be listed on
Verity One™ Mobile App download link:
Google Play Store:

Verity Project™:
The Verity Project™ is Certified, Inc.’s mission to validate every marketing claim on every consumable product on the market worldwide while providing consumers with complete product transparency.

Certified, Inc. is ecstatic to introduce Verity Token to the public. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to comment/reply to this post or contact our company.
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