On-Chain Decentralized Marketplace?

Hi, was hoping someone could help me understand the concept...I think I get what it would be, but it's Ethereum and so cutting edge I'm probably 20 years in the past... :blush:


  • mids106mids106 Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
    EtherEx is actually implementing this: https://github.com/etherex/etherex
  • TsuDohNimhTsuDohNimh Member Posts: 5
    They're constructing an exchange from what I gather, I was thinking more of an Amazon/Ebay esque marketplace.....looks to me like that'd be a real game changer
  • peter_wallinpeter_wallin Member Posts: 5
    Have not looked at contract code, but curious how they are going to deal with miners front-running trades (if at all).


    Maybe someone from etherex project can chime in.
  • jklondonjklondon Member Posts: 4
    Also interested, who is running that project, are they open to be contacted to discuss?
  • PhilipWearnPhilipWearn Member Posts: 1
    Hi there peter_wallin and jklondon,

    I'm one of the people working on EtherEx and would be happy to answer the questions you two have raised.

    In terms of front running, we are aware of the issue but are not convinced it will be a real threat at this point. If it does indeed turn out to be an issue there are some possible fixes that we have in mind, though they would cause our contract fees to go up because there is more code to run. To keep the gas costs down we are waiting to see if it is a real threat before we implement a fix.

    As to who is involved in the project I am a co founder along with caktux, who is the lead developer of the project. There are others helping out who aren't co founders such as Kent Barton, who goes by the handle seven7hwave. Kent is head of the Denver Ethereum meetup. We also have some help from mids as well.

    We are always open for discussion and have an IRC channel, #etherex, where we can be reached daily. Please come on by, we're always around and open to talking with anyone who comes on by.
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