New version EtherUI is deployed

Among features:
1) The dynamic creating of a user interface based on ABI as for static functions, so and as for executable functions. Just paste ABI with a contract address and you will get high-quality UI for an interaction and exploring any smart contract.
2) The wallet creating with new address or unlocking the wallet based on JSON/UTC3 file format.
3) The interaction with blockchain via unlocked/created wallet for test/main/local networks.
4) The sending of ETH amount on a smart contract, which provides a payable interface.
5) The search by address, transaction hash, block number.
6) The dynamic definition a metamask extension.
7) The deploying smart contract based on Truffle JSON file with custom constructor arguments.
8) API for an external getting of data from static functions and a balance of address. (
9) The events/transactions inspection for a smart contract with UI.
10) The integration with Shapeshift for a quick exchange any available cryptocurrency on ETH.
11) The tool for creating UI from truffle cli (
Among upcoming features:
- desktop apps, mobiles apps, the extension for a browser.
- the address book storage in a personal safe account.
- the concatenation during build process Truffle project for easy validation.
- the validating smart contracts for adding external information to the profile (website, social network profiles).
- The adding implementation for trezor, LedgerHQ, digitalbitbox hardwallet.
- The inspection internal transactions.

The whole project will publish in open source after alpha testing.

Please, be involved, I hope we will develop the good project for Ethereum environment together.
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