Please assist setting up my first mining card,. Radeon RX 580 XFX

ISUtherISUther Member Posts: 37
I have done bios flash and installed new bios where i changed timings.
Based on this tutorial:

All is working fine but trying to over clock it to i can get better hasrates. Tho this is first time i am using this MSI Afterburner.
It has options like:
Core voltage (mV)
Power Limit (%)
Temp Limit
Core clock (MHz)
Memory Clock (Mhz)
Fan Speed (%)

i noticed i instantly got better hashrates when i increased Core Clock tho at one point i got 0 mhs
Do i need to increase some other slider also or anyone knows any hgood settings?
Currently i get average 16.555 mh/s

Miner i am using is:

Additional question:
I use Exodus wallet
in exodus i did not see basic wallet address as for example Jaxx has
I did find one wallet address when i went under "Wallet" and i clicked on "receive" button
Is that adddress what i can also use when i edit miner file (reciving addres)?


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