New lottery based on smart contract and Oraclize - please comment

I would be thankfull for any comments on the lottery I have developed.

General concept:
- each participant can buy coupon (0.01, 0.1, 1 or 10 ether value)
- after that he/she is put in proper coupon round
- each round consists of 100 participants
- random number generation process is triggered by using runSweepStake function, which works only for full rounds (100 participants)
- winners get: 1x 25%, 4x 10%, 4x 5%, 4x 2.5% and 2x 2% if the random number is odd
- after the winners are chosen they can withdraw their prize by calling prizeWithdraw function
- author is only getting some part (4%) of gathered ether if the generated random number is even
- author can't withdraw any remaining balance until some certain requirements are met: lottery is stopped, everybody have withdrawned their prizes, etc.
- the code is focused on honesty against players

Contract addresses (code verified on etherscan):
mainnet: 0x4e55567c52cfde3a09441693a5a82a5c381226f9
rinkeby (testnet): 0x50ac8dfdc7e0a4e10566a31c7ab8d65e7d213cf0

You can take part in the sweepstake by calling join() function and send ether: 0.01, 0.1, 1 or 10 - depends in which stake you want to take part.

thanks :)
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