Do you REALLY need GPU with 2GB+ memory to mine? I can prove it WRONG!

Flight87Flight87 Member Posts: 4
I see people say as the ETH DAG is bigger than 2GB miners need a card with 2GB+ memory to mine ether. However I believe more clarification is needed on that. Here are 2 case studies that made me thinking:

1. Seven months back I was new to mining ETH so I started with MinerGate as it was the easiest to start with. At the first day of my mining I noticed that after a full night (around 7 hours) of mining I spent only around 50 MB of data! Yeah, the mining started and I earned some ETH too! So clearly I mined without even downloading the full DAG. (Maybe a DAG Epoch?)
Interestingly enough, I even mined eth with MG on my laptop that has maybe 256 MB of graphics card or less when the DAG was around 2GB!! How was that possible?

2. Same thing happened when a month later I first started to mine with Claymore on Nanopool. Just a few MB used per day. Till date I use Claymore on NP 24/7 and never seen the miner to download the full DAG.

So do we really need a card with memory size bigger than that of the DAG?

I guess that might be true with solo mining which I didn't try yet. Share what's your thought on this.


  • RedsquirrelRedsquirrel Member Posts: 32
    You do. When I first started to mine I tried a GTX 750 since I had it on hand. I don't recall the error I got but when I googled it it pointed towards the DAG being too big. Also found lot of threads on various forums saying that lot of people who had 2GB cards suddenly could not mine anymore. The DAG grows over time so eventually 3GB and 4GB cards and so on will also start to no longer work. Does not matter if it's pool mining or not as it still needs to load it.

    I honestly don't know the technicals of how this works or what a DAG even is though, but I'd be curious myself if someone has a good explanation.
  • AkromaAkroma Member Posts: 92
    hello :) i am by no means an expert on how a miner software Works on the gpu itself, but my guess is that all you download is some kind of instruction that re-creates locally the dag file on you gpus memmory, and that instruction is only some kbs long.
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