P2P Smart Contract Betting Platform - Crypto Sportz

If anyone is interested in putting some ether where their mouth is...you should check out Crypto Sportz.


We're passionate about sports and crypto and wanted to build a platform so everyone can have an easy and secure way to make bets on their favourite teams. We strive to be the opposite of traditional betting sites and want to empower our users without interference from anyone while ideally having some fun and collecting Ether in the process.


Built on the Ethereum network and using smart contracts, the experience of placing wagers against your friends and other sports fans in the community is free of all external controls. No one can deny you entry, change the rules, or most importantly refuse to pay you your winnings when you guess big. The Ethereum network does all of this for you.


We're launching our beta in the next couple of days in time for the Superbowl and we need all the help/support/feedback we can get to make this platform the best that it can be. If you're an early adopter and want to get your feet wet in the Crypto Sportz community check us out http://cryptosportz.com/.
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