[ANN] P2P Sports Betting Platform - Crypto Sportz

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Hey Ethereum Community!

We're working on a passion project that combines crypto and sports called....yup you guessed it! Crypto Sportz!

Crypto Sportz is the first functioning decentralized platform powering wagers between sports fans using blockchain technology. We built the platform on the Ethereum network to ensure that every users experience is free of external controls. No one can dent you entry, change the rules, or most importantly refuse to pay you your winnings if you guess big.

All you have to do is pick your team, pick your game, pick the outcome and collect Ether when you guess correctly.

We're looking to launch our beta in the next couple days in time for the Superbowl so we're looking for all the help and feedback we can get to ensure that our platform is the best.

If you're interested in helping us out - read up on us on our website http://cryptosportz.com/

We've attached some screenshots of the product for you to take a look at. B)

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