Rig crashes when GPU connected to GPU0 slot

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Hey everyone. I'm new here and new to mining but I'm not new to computing.

I have a specific problem that I wonder if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix or if they think it's unfixable.

The Problem: Any time I plug a video card into my GPU0 PCI-E Slot on my mother board, (the slot it is recommended you plug the GPU into that will connect to your monitor) my system will crash.

My Setup: ASUS p6t7 super computer Mother Board
Intel Xeon L5630 CPU
6 GB ram
Currently have 4 x EVGA GTX 1070SC boards installed.
EthOS on linux

The specifics: The board is a 7 gpu mining board. I have an identical set up right next to it that has 7 of the same GPU's running just fine.
- All of the cards are on risers and I have tested the risers with other cards to make sure none are faulty. It's very specific to that one GPU0 slot.
- All of the other PCI slots work. It is effectively a 6 GPU mining board now.

I have a watt meter hooked up to my rig and even when I just had 1 GPU on this board in the GPU 0 slot, it would crash. My watt meter would show 190 watts and after about 10 seconds, the watt meter would show an instant dropped to 134 watts and I'd know that my computer would freeze up and I'd have to restart. Sometimes the issue occurs 5 to 30 seconds into the mining process and other times it occurs before the OS is even fully done loading.

I'm sort of at my wit's end and I've come to the conclusion that there must just be something affecting that GPU 0 slot . I don't know what to do but before I gave up on it entirely, I wanted to see if you guys might have some helpful suggestions.

Thanks a lot for your time,


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