COİL WHİNE noise!! help please..

echomineechomine Member Posts: 8
Hi All,

I have 5 GPUs on my rig..
3 EVGA 1070 SC
2 ASUS 1070 Tİ

PSU is HX100Oİ
ASUS Z370 motherboard with 8400 i5 cpu

I hear coil whine noise from all of my GPUs.EVGA GPUs have more than ASUS 1070 Tİ

OC settings are +500 memory and %80 power
Fans are set with user controlled mode with

10C to 10
20C to 20

50C to 70
60C to 80
70C to 80
80C to 90 and so on.

Could you please help me to reduce COİL WHİNE noise on mining?


  • TaltonTalton Member Posts: 25
    80% at 60c sounds like a lot, try setting a fixed rate with them.
    My GTX 1060 in my gaming tower makes a hell of a lot of noise when it goes from 20 to 30% fan power, no idea why, it just does.
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