Wallet contract vs address|How to add wallet contracts back to a new Ethereum Wallet client install?

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My buddy's 3 year old son spilled over some water on his laptop and his ether was stored on it.
He has his keyfiles and knows his master password.
However when he deployed a new Ethereum Wallet on another (working) laptop, imported his backed up wallet UTC--2017-xxxxxxx to the keystore of the Ethereum Wallet client, let it sync, and he is not able to see his wallet address, and only his account address, neither can he transfer ETH from his own wallet contract.

However he did not back up his "wallet contract"
Now there are approximately 3 ETH locked in his so called "wallet contract". It is visible on etherscan, he with his main "account" is the creator and only holder of the wallet contract.

Is there a way to manually add the Wallet Contracts back at any time, to his ethereum wallet and how is this done?

TL;DR IF YOU USE WALLET CONTRACTS - Always backup your %APPDATA%\Roaming\Ethereum Wallet stuff (w/o the chaindata), as well as the keyfiles, otherwise wallet contracts they sort of "disappear" from the GUI after you import the backed up keyfiles on another PC/laptop.
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