BTC (Bitcoin) ve ETH (Etherium) Mining with TELEGRAM

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With TELEGRAM, BTC (Bitcoin) ve ETH (Etherium) Mining ; an investment project dealing with mining and trading.


1. You installed the telegram application to the phone, so there is no problem in general !
TELEGRAM indir :

2. If you click on the shortcut for the Mining Boat, you will see the START post at the bottom
BTC (Bitcoin) MİNİNG :
ETH (Ethereum) MİNİNG :

3. Now you will choose the language, we choose English. It's the same on both boots.

4. Now the diamonds are ready on your table. Now let's get a miner for two mining;
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Shop > Machines List > Buy Lv1 (click four times )
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Invest > Bitmain Antminer List > invest antminer 3 (click one time )

5. The following menus will give you an invitation link. You can also get this on Facebook, Twitter and especially bitcoin, mining etc. share on forum sites. Everyone who starts mining with your link will bring you 90 and 100 diamonds.
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Invite friends
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Invite friends

6. If you click on these links every 5 hours you will get a gift of 10 -150 diamonds.
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Bonus
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Bonus

7. Click below and get accumulated earnings at certain times
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Working > Collect satoshi
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Wallet > Collect the coin

8. Save your personal BTC and ETH addresses.
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Extra > Set wallets > Change bitcoin wallet
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Payment > Set your wallet

9. When you accumulate 100,000 satoshi and coins you convert to BTC and ETH . The program automatically sends it to your address.
BTC (Bitcoin) : Menu > Extra > Payment > Order Payment
ETH (Ethereum) : Menu > Extra > Payment > Order Payment


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