b250 mining expert + 13 x GTX1050 ti?

adelageadelage Member Posts: 4
hi all,
I am trying to build a rig with the components in the title, I am not new in mining rig building, but it's the first time I am gonna put my hands on a motherboard dedicated for mining, and I have read that the titanic B250 Mining Expert 19pcie is not so great actually, but that's what I managed to find as everything else looks impossible to find..
That being said I have two questions:
Is it possible to get this board work with more than 13 gpus (not P106)?
Which PSUs would you suggest, considering that the board is designed to use up to 3 ATX PSUs and I will use 13 x Gigabyte 1050 ti 4gb with 1 6pin power connector?


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