Gigabyte RX 580 Power consumption

derdiggederdigge Member Posts: 2
Dear Forum.

I using having a 6 GPU rig since 2 weeks. Cards are Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming 6 gb.
With flashing and tuning bios i was able to reach 29.5MH/s mining with linux(arch) and claymore 10.2 (ETH+DCR).

I really wonder about the powerdraw. rocm-smi tells ~100W per card. and Wattmeter at wall 167W/card.
Mobo and other components are off calculated that value. I think this is really a lot, as others reporting values arround 100W-120W.
PSU is at about 60%.(1700W PSU)

No matter what i set in bios editor for voltage 1000 or 850 ( tried several values ) i get the same wattage. Whats wrong with my rig?
How to achieve better wattage here?

Thanks in advance.

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