RX570 Gigabyte Gaming4G Problem - Clock decreasing when start mining, stuck at 20MHS

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Hi, I got 2x RX570 Gigabyte Gaming4G (Samsung Memory) and they are stuck at 20MH/s

I got some rigs running already but this is the first time I seen this happen, when I start mining, the core clock is not stable, its not fixed at 1200 but instead it keep ranging between 500-1000

I did the "one click patch" button using Polaris and it patched the "UberMix 3.1 1500 straps" according to mining.help and flashed it.

still stuck at 20MH/s

Original and modded bios in atacched

Any ideas ?? Thanks ! :)
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  • mokuromokuro Member Posts: 4
    it keeps 20-21MHs even with 2100 Mclock and compute mode on driver, already tried some versions 16.x, 17.x and 18.x, all the same problem.
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    you need to overclock the core too, like 1150mhz, that's why the lower hash you have, and with this samsung memory it needs more fine tuning to achieve hashrate like 28-29mh. Use MSi AB to increase the clock and power to the card - that is why the clock is unstable.
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    yes, this is exactly the probem I mentionated, I set the clock to 1150 or 1200 and when it start mining it automatic get down and keep changing between 500-1000
    this happens with both my RX570 Gigabyte Gaming4G
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    Use MSi ab for example to increase power of the card, that's when will maintain stable clock...
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    found the problem. I exported the bios with GPUZ and it exported a 256kb rom, exporting the SAME BIOS with ATIFlash it exported a 512kb rom.

    I flashed the gpus with rom exported from ATIFlash from and now its ok 30MH/s each.
    GPUz corromped the rom by exporting a 256kb instead of 512kb. Not going to use GPUz to export bios anymore for next gpus.
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