Mining room air flow (one or two rooms, bigger or smaller?)

brokenarrowbrokenarrow Member Posts: 16
I'm considering a solution like the image below, with two rooms where there is an intake of air (blue line), with grated floor behind each rig that blows cold air up. The rigs suck in the cool air with 7 delta fans on each rig, 113 CFM air flow per fan, and blow it out into the room and a big fan in the ceiling gets rid of the hot air.

Would this be a good solution? I'm considering having two rooms like in the image, to start with one, and then expand to the next when needed. Or would it be better to have just one big room?

Are the rooms good sized at 3.4x3.4m (11x11 feet), or should they be smaller?

The rigs can be stacked, up to probably 4-5 per box you see in the image. Is it ok to have them all on one side, or should they be spread across the room?

If all are on one side, the room could probably be made smaller, which might make it easier to cool / less air to move.

Any ideas are welcome!

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