Why is eth.syncing returning false?

I have ether in my account but it still shows a balance of zero. I assume this is because the node is not synced? Given it's only about 47GB I know I don't have the full blockchain as it's in the 100's now right? However when I type geth.syncing I get false.

When I look at the main console it looks like it's syncing stuff, but then when I do a geth attach and type anything in the console I just get 0 for everything. Checking balance, checking if it's syncing, even checking for latest block. It's always zero or false. It's almost like I'm actually running my own private node... I really hope that's not the case because it means I probably won't be able to recover the funds from the account I'm mining to as the account probably got created on the local node and the one I'm mining to is probably arbitrary/nonexistant. I really hope that's not the case!

Also, just to clarify, an account is a wallet right? Or is geth actually creating an account on a 3rd party service?

Is there a way I can use the existing wallet on an online wallet service? I just want to make a transaction to make sure my setup actually works and that I'm not mining for nothing.


  • RedsquirrelRedsquirrel Member Posts: 32
    Ok so turns out you have to use --fast. I read read about it but did not figure it was absolutely needed. Also used --cache=1024. Now I actually get output when I type eth.syncing. So at least I know it's doing something now. I'll let that go for the next few days and see what happens.
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