Use Web3 with Metamask injected AND a provider?

kurtisblowkurtisblow Member Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Solidity

I use web3.js to communicate with a smart contract. Web3 is in the injected mode
and so Metamask can be used for transactions. Now I have a server, where
I use web3.php ( to call the smart contract, but only for reading out data, such that
it is buffered in the background for depicting purpouses. How Can I use web3 injected
for the users visiting my server and using a separate node to read out data with web3.php?

Currently, the web3.php only works for the rpc test server, and only if I create a new
contract in after connecting to this testserver. After canceling the
connection to the node and relunch the rpc testserver, i cannot communicate anymore to
the smart contract.

How can I handle this problem?
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