Forget charts. Can watching what other investors own might be useful? - new tool for ethereum


I know that there are a lot of tools and pages for traders with a massive amount of different charts, predictions and wishful-thinking-graphs. But there is also another group of people interested in crypto - investors, people who invest money slowly, they are choosing tokens and currencies thinking about fundamentals, what kind of team does it, do they think about legal part, analyse the technology included. Investors search did the team already find a product-market-fit or do they just talking that they did or maybe are they just another scam? As far as I know, there are not many tools for investors. Especially for investors who think that charts aren’t everything.

I’m working with a team based in Warsaw, where we’re trying to build a good tool for investors - not only for traders (but frankly speaking I can imagine traders using it), and I wanted to show you that - because some of you might find it interesting. You can check all the tokens on Ethereum blockchain, but we described just around 600 of them (we took a list of tokens on EtherDelta and researched them).

One of the strategies I think might be helpful in investing in crypto is watching others and learning from them, observing - you know, the old-school way. In this tool you can see there for example 10 top holders of a particular token, and also how much the other token holders have all together. You can check top holders’ other transactions, all their activities on the blockchain. So if an investor or trader is interested in looking for whales and they want to see what this particular investor has so they could buy same tokens.
You will also find there all the links to the official social media created by the token creators and so on.

So this tool is basically an interface to the ethereum blockchain - you can also search your account and check the list of your activities, the list of your tokens and what kind of transactions you have been making concerning this particular token.

Answering the question which you didn’t ask yet: yes, we know the etherscan, but also we know that it can be shown in a better way - i’m not saying that we did that, I’m saying that we’re searching for it.

I want to show you this tool, but just please - don’t expect too much :) it's in a beta version, and it’s still in progress. Any feedback and comments will be crucial for us.

So if you would like to check for example ZRX- 0x tokens you can do that here: (the number in the link is just a smart contract number of ZRX - you can check it with any different token on Ethereum blockchain).

Here you can check Golem tokens top holders:

REP, AION tokens here:

If you dont want to check the link, I’ve made a screen shot for you:

If you would like to check the balance or tokens of any address - you can do that here: - where XXXXXXXXX is any account number. So basically it’s working like etherscan - we don’t collect any data, it’s always on users’ site.

I never buy tokens just watching the charts - I always do research, trying to know the team, talk to them, check their social media, reddit posts - I hope that our tool will also help me to get know some of the tokens better.

I hope you will find it useful.
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