Stable hash then suddenly unstable hash (overall rig performance). What is going on?

jtssviggumjtssviggum Member Posts: 4
Hi guys,

So once in a while my rigs are going crazy. I do a reboot then its all back to normal and a few days later it is back at crazy going on like this forever. It is hashing at 230 mh/s (average) stable for a long time and suddenly a few of the cards jumps between 2 mh/s to 29 mh/s etc.
I have 8 x RX 570 Nitro+ 8GB and Asus B250 motherboard. 4 GB RAM, 32GB USB with Hive OS. Attached is a screenshot of one of the rigs performance in Hive OS. Could somebody please give me some advice on how to get the rig stable af?
Appreciate it!


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