Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which One is a Better Investment in 2018?

Ethereum, the second most significant coin currency by market cap has increased by 74.7% from a low of $755.76 to a high of $1,369.78 since 1st Jan 2018. However, on January 10, Ethereum declined and experienced fluctuations between $1,299 and $1,320.68...

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  • contangocontango Member Posts: 1
    Looking at the current circulating supply there are around 5.8 x more Ethereum than Bitcoin right now. Assuming all else was equal, with a BTC price of circa $10,000 one might expect ETH to be 'worth' $1,725. However, BTC is coded to top out at 21m coins and ETH, as far as I know, will always be created, like fiat. Ignoring any utility value for either BTC or ETH right now, then ETH should start decreasing in value vs. BTC once BTC tops out supply. However, if neither become widely accepted, or if they are banned by governments in favour of another govt-backed coin, then their value will tend to zero pretty quickly, although there will of course be a criminal black-market value.

    Right now I think the "investment" period is over as the gold rush has climaxed. Now we are into the proving grounds and trading is more the order of the day, with large momentum swings both up and down. Basically every last "greater fool" out there has had a go - now it is down to whatever coin gains respectability and most utility value in society. It's a lot more boring than a one-way profit rocket but at the same time it's what is needed for the long-term survival of any coin.

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