KryptoWar // Fight with your army on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Fight with your army on the Ethereum Blockchain with KryptoWar
Purchase your army, improve it and fight other armies on the blockchain.

What is this?
In KryptoWar users can purchase, train and sell their KryptoArmy. KryptoArmies can fight against each others to earn experience points (XP) which makes them more valuable. There are only 100 unique KryptoArmies available. Hurry up to grab yours!

How can I play?
Install Metamask and go to Once on the website, you will be able to view the armies that are still available by visiting our marketplace and purchase the one you like. Once you own an army, you will be able to improve it by adding soldiers or weapons and fight other armies to gain experience points (XP).

Future Improvements coming soon?
  • Overall design of the website
  • Highlighting battles (every battles are stored in the blockchain so we can easily highlight them on the website). An interactive map of the last battles would be great.
  • Make the website faster
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