Do you need to download whole blockchain to use a local wallet?

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I was playing around with geth as I setup a wallet for mining, and wanted to check the balance (obviously zero haha) and just play around with it a bit, so googled how and then it said to start geth console so I did, but then it starts to download the blockchain. On this particular machine I don't want to download it as I only put a 60GB SSD. Do I actually need the block chain local to use a wallet? Also, do I need to forward ports? I was hoping that was just an optional thing for if you are solo mining. I don't want to forward ports to this machine as it's on my main vlan. Though I guess I can move it to my "internet" vlan.

Roughly how big is the block chain at the moment, and do I need high disk I/O to handle it? Also if I build more than one mining rig do I need the blockchain on each machine or can I just have one central machine that has it? I will be mining to a pool for the time being.


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    I believe so....My eth Mist wallet is almost 200 gig...

    Trying to find out if it can be trimmed in any luck yet on that info.

    I will tell you this,on a spinner HD it takes FOREVER to load,but on a SSD it is ALOT faster.So if you do plan on keeping a wallet on your PC,as I do,get at least a 480gig SSD.Newegg has some for $140 or so.

    You can move your wallet to run on another drive by following this guys video ;)

    Works on Win7 too ;)
  • RedsquirrelRedsquirrel Member Posts: 32
    I have several TB of raid 10 space on my primary NAS so it's not an issue, but do I need to have it on each miner too or can each miner mine to the same wallet address even if that wallet is not on that PC? I was not planing on putting much disk space on my miners so I'm hoping I won't have to. I may need to add more drives in my NAS though, maybe make a dedicated VM to run the wallet so I can put it on another vlan if it requires a port forward. The wallet does not need to be on same machine as miner since it all talks through blockchain protocol anyway right?
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