Announcing the official launch of the MaxHash Ethereum Mining Pool!

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Team MaxHash today has unveiled it's latest mining pool launch on the Ethereum network.

Pool developers have loaded 0.1ETH into the Jackpot system to get it kickstarted!

Welcome to MaxHash. The premium Ethereum mining experience. Operated by a team of blockchain and server administration experts and run on professional dedicated servers worldwide with 24/7 monitoring. We provide an enterprise grade service backed by responsive native English speaking support and a friendly community. Crypto Currency mining is no longer just a hobby for IT professionals, it's now a booming industry for people from all walks of life. So why settle for amateur mining pools run from somebody's bedroom? Mine with the pro's at MaxHash!

Tired of poorly operated pools with a lot of downtime? No help or support when you need it? Paying high fee's for an inadequate service? Give MaxHash a try!

MaxHash Pool Features:
  • Our mission is to achieve the best possible payouts, enhance the mining experience, and do so in an efficient and transparent manner.
  • Maxhash pools are highly optimized and hosted on dedicated high performance servers currently in 2 locations (US & EU) that are fully DDOS protected.
  • Low Uncle/Orphan rates due to lightning fast gigabit network connectivity resulting in low propagation times. Select your closest server and compare ping times against other pools! (Tier 1)
  • VARFEE system that only takes a fee when pool is profitable for miners. Unlike pools who take a constant fee from miners even when the pool is performing badly!
  • Promotions to put the fun back in mining and make it more interesting for our miners. Check out our Block Finders Bounty and Jackpot bonus programmes.
  • Expert support available directly through our Discord server and email. Become a member of our friendly and helpful community on Discord. Where you can find miners sharing tips & tricks.
  • We take security seriously. The team has spent significant development and testing time on making our pools as secure as possible with numerous pre-cautions in place. You're in safe hands with MaxHash.

World's first Jackpot Reward system for just for our miners!

  • Its simple and unique. We are making mining more interesting for you! Exclusive to MaxHash and built in-house by pool devs.
  • Loyal miners on the pool will have a chance every week to collect the Jackpot. This Jackpot consists of ALL proceeds collected from the pool VARFEE over a 7 day period.
  • Everyday at 23:00 (UTC) the pool will select a random miner that meets the minimum mining time requirement for that day
  • This lucky miner is then displayed on the shortlist of finalists and given a ticket number.
  • Every Sunday at 23:00 (UTC) the pool will check for the block height number of the last matured block found by the pool before this time. The last number of this block will be the winning ticket!
  • Example - LAST MATURE BLOCK FOUND 123,456 - Ticket Number 6 wins
  • A loyal miner with this winning ticket number collects the entire jackpot!
  • Numbers 1-7 are eligible to win the Jackpot. If the last number of the block is 8,9,0 then the jackpot will simply roll over to the next week and finalists will be reset.
  • This system is exclusive to MaxHash mining pools as it has been built in-house by the pool devs.
Full details as well as the terms & conditions of the Jackpot reward system can be found HERE

If you have questions or queries regarding the pool, getting connected or about our Jackpot system then feel free to get in touch.

We are available through PM here, email (see website) and in our DISCORD server.

-Team MaxHash


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