System OC comments needed...

echominerechominer Member Posts: 3
Could some of the overclock expert people comment on these below overclocking? System will run 7/24 please think about it while commenting:)

EVGA GTX 1070 GPU is around 1950 MEM is around 4300 power 90% temp 86c avrg hash 30-31

ASUS STRIX 1070 TI GPU is around 1910 MEM is around 4300 power 90% temp 86c avrg hash 30-31(i would expect TI gives better results but not)

unluckily both have micron :( instead of samsung

both memory are in +500 mode

more than 500 ...system becomes unstabil

both card temps are stable between 50-60 with advanced fan speed configured with firestorm. can this OC work 7/24 without any damage to cards?
up to 60 fan works with same temp level
after 60 fan goes 80
after 70 fan goes 90 and so on...

pool hash rates are quite good..

do I have some more bandwith to go for ?:)

or any other advice...drivers BIOS are up to date
thank you


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