Realms of Ether - A fantasy strategy dapp

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Hello ethereum community,

2 days ago my first smart contract game went to the live blockchain. It is called Realms of Ether.

The basic features of the game are:

- Create your own fortress with a name (automaticly positioned on the map, coming first means a position near the center of the map)
- Expand your kingdown creating or buying new fortresses
- Mining resources: They will be used for building out your fortress and recruting troups
- Level up your buildings: you will get more resources, recruting more troups
- Building your army: 2 Dragons are live right now, other troups like magician or knights will be added
- Sell your fortress for Ether: You can start an auction, which will last 3 days, the highest bidder wins!

The contract is upgradable, so there are more features to come:

- A map of all fortresses: who is your neighbour? should you cooperate? (Only needs work on the client, contract functionallity is working)
- Fighting each other: A round based strategic combat system (Troups already have attributes, the contract is prepared for this feature, but it needs some feedback what the users want from it)

I also started blogging about my experience developing and running such a game on medium:

And you can play it now here:

Thanks for your attention and if you have questions, feel free to post them here or contact me
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