how to switch mining from ethereum to another coin

sammy0511sammy0511 Member Posts: 7
i am using 12 gpu 1050 ti gtx batch with simplemining os currently i am mining ethereum i wow uld like to switch to different coins could you please help me with to change script to different coins


  • tinfoilMiningtinfoilMining Member Posts: 13
    Ok since nobody else replied, I will try to help. Though I am completely new at this.

    Launch the dashboard/web page.
    Go into Rig Groups->Miner Programs(the cog icon on the right).
    Select program by what algo the coin uses, and your GPU type(ati R/RV or nvidia NV).
    And remember to configure launch options with your chosen pool address + your wallet id!
    Click save and the program will launch within a few minutes.
    After 30 minutes check your mining pool account that it registers your worker correctly.
  • sammy0511sammy0511 Member Posts: 7
    thank you so much i did the same
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