Suggestions where to get ERC20 Based Token Security Review (Audit)

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We've recently built an ERC20 Token that we would like to use as the basis for an economy. This token will be used as our currency between content creators and consumers.

We'd like to have our token audited to make sure that there are no unforeseen consequences to decisions we made on functionality. We've tested it throughly in house, but would like to have a professional review that would provide us some additional peace of mind (for everyone who's part of the economy) about the security of the token.

In developing the token we used much of what is available through OpenZepplin for standardization so we've contacted Zepplin Solutions to request a security audit with no response.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Who we are and what we are doing:

8 Circuit Studios ( is in the process of developing a new token based economy to democratize the creation of digital assets. We see the richest source of digital assets currently available is in video games. As veterans of the video game industry we understand the creation process for digital assets and wish to establish an economic system that allows, not just the publishers of game environments to profit, but also the content creators and the consumers of the assets (gamers).

To do this we have created an ERC20 based token to power our economy. A token intended for exchanged between all participants of video game worlds: Gamers, publishers, developers and content creators.

Additionally, we have created Ethereum Smart Contracts that are actual objects in our games, called Smart Game Objects. This allows the gamer to extract value from the game through actual ownership of the object, and allows content creators the accessibility to create their own objects and profit from them fully.

At this time we have two games in development (a mobile and a PC title). We have crushed the barriers of entry into token economies (or crypto currencies) by easily on boarding gamers with their own wallet and providing tokens with a credit card purchase in game. Additionally, we have created the first prototype Smart Game Objects which establish the initial protocols for managed and changeable digital assets on the blockchain.

We are not planning to have a public ICO, but will be offering a private sale to individuals who wish to support the creation of this economy and will sell tokens to the players of our games through credit card and crypto purchases.

To learn more about our development you can visit our website or our development journal at


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