Rx580 and gtx1060 rig ethos problem

Ownage86Ownage86 Member Posts: 1
Ok dudes, im new to the world of mining. I just built my first rig 6xRx580s and 7xgtx1060s. I get 29-30 mh/s with my 580s and 19 with my gtx 1060s in ethos. So heres my problem. I disconnected all my 580s and just ran the 1060s. I overclocked them in ethos and they were all getting 23.5 mh/s. Awesome. So i plug all my 580s back in and the 1060s dont save their overclock. They run overclocked if i dont have the 580s plugged in.....not sure wtf the issue is.
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