low hashrate of one gpu

aaa777aaa777 Member Posts: 4

As earlier also u guys have helped me soo much thanks for that I am facing this issue and maybe u can guide me what could be the promblem.As i have connected 5 gpu's I am using ethos os and msi geforce gtx 1070 gpu for mining. And the real promblem I am facing is that whenever I start the rig after a sudden time my one gpu shows less hashrate but it is still connected and there is this green signal on it So I couldnt understand what is the promblem is there a promblem in risers or smps or what . So plzz kindly anyone of u check and tell me what could be the real prombelm
this is mine gethelp file http://paste.ethosdistro.com/abocifeyiw


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