Hyperlocal Dapps with DAG-ish sub-layer: For unclogging and faster ETH


This is based on draft EIP for general discussion with learned members of community.
Link: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/811

I am proposing to build hyperlocal dapps, where the Dapps could run their own real-time blockchain without mining(like DAG). In case of conflicts, the main network would mine it.

Here is the abstract:
Dapps are primary consumption media of ETH, but they also clog the whole network. I am proposing hyperlocal Dapp which runs it's own DAG like blockchain(secondary) for instant additions and relays but any conflict like double signing or forks are raised to main network. Dapp blockchain will be PoS based so that main network could penalise offenders. This implementation will unclog the dapp based loads on ETH(large %) and improve the user experience due to faster dapps.

This is based on our experience while developing logistics solution for a postal client. I have detailed that story here.

Please provide your opinion, feedback or ideas.
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