Used a old address in claymore and pool auto-paid-out to that.

Tonyp12Tonyp12 Member Posts: 2
I emailed nanopool (takes days for reply) that I don't want to be paid out to the old address as it was just a old address I got before I reinstalled Windows10.
They said they could merge them, but I did not know they autopay, so it reached 0.2 overnight and they sent the $150 to the old address.

So I only have public key and the password used to create it in Mist, is this money lost and will sit in the cloud for eons? There is no reversal procedures?

Recuva did find a trashed json file:
Filename: UTC--2017-12-15T05-23-06.593317100Z--cfebf89f6fcea755ebba061b25a0db398a592055
Comment: This file is overwritten with "C:\pagefile.sys"
1 file cluster(s) overwritten (0) 1 cluster(s) allocated at offset 7864679

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