How to find find path for import sol files?

nobodynobody Member Posts: 5
Hi, I am running solc 0.4.20 on Debian 9, when I run "py.test ico" to test ICO source, I've got lots of errors which could not find path for import, for example:

contracts/UpgradeableToken.sol:9:1: ParserError: Source "zeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20.sol" not found: File outside of allowed directories.
E import "zeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20.sol";

The contracts/UpgradeableToken.sol line 9 has an statement import "zeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20.sol"; but that zeppelin is in the same directory with contracts, how could the solc find import "zeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20.sol"? Thank you
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