Low hashrate on GTX 1060

4vril4vril Member Posts: 2
I have 4x MSI gtx 1060 ocv2. my stock hashrate is 62MH/S and when add +500 memory clock with afterburner I get 74MH/S.
im using `ethminer 0.11.0 "Optimized Nvidia mining"` on win 10 64 bit. everywhere I see each 1060 gives atleast 19MH/S and 23MH/S when overclocked.
How can I achieve this??

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  • LudvaniezthaLudvanieztha Member Posts: 3
    yeah if u got hynix memory on nvidia better u go other algo
    as far i mine eth with nvidia i would said
    hynix 17-19 reall bad
    micron 23,5 good
    samsung 24,75 excelent
    keep in mind if u want mining eth u need see the VRAM not a card because hynix to samsung got much diffrent
    but if u want mining other algo its the best solution because other algo mostly not depens onm vram and DAG issue
  • eth_shiftyeth_shifty Member Posts: 52
    The worst nvidia card I have used to date is the GTX 1060 mini 6gb ACX 2.0, and even that one with hynix memory runs at a steady 22mh/s, but it runs around 78c. Basically the same card, still hynix memory, made by zotac runs around 60c @ 24.5mh/s.

    I use afterburner for ATI cards, but for nvidia, I'd highly recommend evga precision x.

    And on to the obvious, but occasionally missed, you need to
    a) make sure your processor is not slowing you down. This is uncommon, but a single core sempron, for instance, will definitely kill your hashrate.
    b) make sure you have enough memory. I typically allow about 4gb per card. If you are short on actual RAM, go ahead and set your windows swap file to a static value that gives you a bit of breathing room.
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