Change Ethereum to PayPal

hamadaredahamadareda Member Posts: 5
I want to know the way to change Ethereum to USD on PayPal
"Coinbase" doesn't work as I live in Egypt
I tried "cryptoexchang" but I didn't get any money till now from them and it's been over a day now so I think its fake.
So I need a new assured way?


  • sutheksuthek Member Posts: 324 ✭✭
    for a 20% laundering fee send me it and I'll paypal it to you.
  • coinkircoinkir PakistanMember Posts: 19
    You should not trust any people you can Try at Localethereum that is the best way to buy and sell Ethereum with PayPal. That is not beginner friendly first learn how can Buy/sell Ethereum then Sell your Ethereum through local Ethereuum but. I do not recommend you to use that platform but I'm sharing here My own experience what I'm doing.
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