Problem with monitor on first rig

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I'm building my first rig and so far have been unable to get any kind of signal going to my monitor, everything is powered and I'm using Ubutu as my OS. The motherboard and gpu's will power up, however the gpu's stop spinning after about 30 seconds and my monitor simply says that there is no DVI-d input detected. I read on another post that when a PCI-e slot is detected the onboard connection is shut down so I now have my cable going directly to one of my cards, still no signal. Any help would be appreciated.


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    watch the cards. one will likely have fans turn off way before the other. plug your display into that one.
    If that doesn't work, unplug all cards and try with the cable going into the motherboard.
    if it works with the cable into the motherboard, go into your bios settings and force the display to the motherboard. and then shut down hook up all your cards and boot back up plugged into the motherboard.

    If you don't get picture from your motherboard output, with NO OTHER graphics cards connected, then your computer isn't turning on.

    does tapping the power button make it turn off immediately? that's a good sign the computer never turned on.
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    Well it would seem that my computer is not turning on, I find that strange though because the cpu cooler is spinning and I have to hold the power button for it to turn off. I only loaded Ubuntu onto the flash drive and plugged it in, is there something else I should be doing with the OS ahead of time for it to automatically boot? I went through the step by step instructions of installing Ubuntu onto a flash drive, so I thought that was it.
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    unplug the flash drive.. .unplug everything except the motherboard, ram, and processor.
    you should be able to at least get picture and the bios splash page...

    if you're not getting even that then your computer isn't turning on... stop thinking about OS if nothing else is happening.
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    Turns out my RAM wasn't all the way in, thanks suthek.
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