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Hey guys. I've got 10 total rigs up and running and am starting to have some issues with the 6th one I built. All have 7 gpus. I noticed a few day ago that one of my rigs was performing terribly. I got a close look and my previously 30 mhs on my rx 580 Samsung 8gb msu gaming x had gone down to between 18-20. Almost as if the flash had decided to rewind itself. I tried ref lashing and got the usual errors. "already contains this flash and sub system ids don't match up". I also noticed something really peculiar.. Only the first two long pcie plugged in gpus are still performing at their peak levels. What in the world happened and how can I fix it? Btw the rig is in a super cold space with plenty of ventilation. I have not updated bios and that's all I can think to do at this point. Please advise.


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    I think you're running windows. That's your first mistake.
    I think you're running the latest drivers and that card doesn't have the compute mode setting turned on.

    Make a SMOS bootable USB and avoid windows and everything should be good. (takes like 10 minutes and then goodbye windows headache...)

    If you dual purpose your computer, then keep windows 10 on the hard drive and unplug the USB whenever you want to run windows.

    If you don't dual purpose your computer... even more reason to get the F off windows.
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    I'm running windows but haven't had a problem with it yet for two months bar this one. I'm very comfortable with it and I'll probably continue to use it for my own ease of access but will explore switching this PC. I'm running the AMD Block-chain Drivers and haven't had an issue with these drivers on any other PC. I'm currently running 65/70 cards at 30MHs+ and have never heard of this compute mode for the RX580s. How do I fix that?

    Honestly this seems like a motherboard issue to me. When I plug in a badly performing GPU to another slot where the GPU is performing well that GPU will then perform well. Certain Slots are having issues. I believe this is independent of a windows problem.
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    the latest AMD drivers have the blockchain driver built in.
    but because it's not optimum for gaming you have to switch back and forth between gaming more and compute mode. If you're running the beta drivers, it's not an issue.

    Honestly, Simpleminer takes like 10 minutes to get going.
    Via windows,
    you download the IMG, flash it to a USB stick.
    Then via windows,
    you open the flashed drive and change the email address in a text file to your email address.
    Now you boot your rig to that USB stick via your bios. (or unplug your HDD windows is installed on.)

    That's all you have to do for the machine itself.

    Next, you make an account on their webpage.
    via the account, tell it to use claymore 10.2
    And then paste your claymore code into the webpage.

    Honestly, the fear of leaving windows scared me for a while... a comfort level thing... like you're saying.
    but after switching to Linux I'll never go back. my uptime is crazy high... it can recover from crashes on its own... and best of all I can tweak my overclocks via my couch on my cellphone. (or from the mall while shopping.)
    (including power tuning the cards to save electricity.)

    You can also see all the cards independent hash rates... and remotely reboot your rig if something is funny.

    I really encourage you to try it. it's soooo easy... and will make your life easier.
    and then there's no more fear about drivers.

    and if you have PCI-E port issues, you can buy one of these:

    Turns one functioning PCI-E slot into 4. (that's $65 CAD for the splitter plus 4 riser kits... so really it's like $20 for the splitter plus $10each for risers)
    so if you have ak nown good working slot.. use this to turn it into 4.
    (make sure your motherboard chipset supports having more lanes. Lots of chipsets max at 6 lanes.)

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    Awesome I really appreciate that advice. I will be setting up another rig this week and will give your linux method a try! Hopefully I won't have any questions but if I do it's good to know people like you are around! Do you use a VPN app from your phone? I haven't been able to track down a super reliable one yet.
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