Mass flashing bios on AMD cards

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Hi everyone,

Question regarding deploying bios to AMD cards : I have a farm project in my head using a 16 GPU machine, I know how to deploy Windows en masse to them but I am wondering if there is any way or tool to deploy optimized bios to AMD cards the same way or if all cards must be individually updated ?

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    ATIFlash can mass bios flash using command line. I'd be careful because some cards may be the same make and model but they might have different memory brands. If you want to be safe, id flash the same memory/models first and then optimize them individually.
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    I've flashed up to 6 Sapphire Nitro + RX580 cards at a time. Numerous times over and over for three rigs. Once the flashing caused errors and fortunately the safe bios switch was available and I could revert the cards back to the stock BIOS by flicking the switch.

    This is the command I have in batch files. I replace the ROM file with whatever version I decide to try. The ROM file is in the same folder as atiflash.exe. I turn the BAT file from a command prompt elevated with Admin privileges. Note that the sixth card, identified as -p 5, does not get an & character at the end of ROM. All the others ones require the & character.

    AtiFlash.exe -p 0 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM &
    AtiFlash.exe -p 1 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM &
    AtiFlash.exe -p 2 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM &
    AtiFlash.exe -p 3 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM &
    AtiFlash.exe -p 4 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM &
    AtiFlash.exe -p 5 RX580_NITRO8G_OCQUAD.ROM

    You could also flash different RX580 brands this way. Just make sure to replace the ROM in the command line with the correct one for the card. And also make sure that you know in which order atiflash recognizes that cards. Atiflash and GPUZ identify the cards in the same order so the first card listed in GPUZ will be card 0 for atiflash and the second card in GPUZ will be seen as card 1 by atiflash etc. etc.

    If you want to be safe then only have the same brand cards plugged in and powered when flashing. I've done that also with a rig that contained a mix of RX580 cards. And I double checked that they all had the same RAM also.
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