geth sync stuck at 99.99 % Last 204 Blocks missing

I want to sync the geth client and after i installed it on osx i executed "geth" in the terminal window. geth started snycinc and i check the sync status over the command: geth --exec 'var s = eth.syncing; console.log("\n------------ GETH SYNCING PROGRESS\nprogress: " + (s.currentBlock/s.highestBlock*100)+ " %\nblocks left to parse: "+ (s.highestBlock-s.currentBlock) + "\ncurrent Block: " + s.currentBlock + " of " + s.highestBlock)' attach
After 13 hours it reached the following state(output of command):
------------ GETH SYNCING PROGRESS progress: 99.99573362244315 % blocks left to parse: 204 current Block: 4781370 of 4781574 undefined
And it stucks there since 4 hours. my chaindata folder is now 40.03 GB big and its getting bigger. But slow. The geth client which is syncing is running. Example output from syncing:
INFO [12-23|12:55:33] Imported new state entries count=1682 elapsed=8.127ms processed=3803082 pending=19113 retry=220 duplicate=1357 unexpected=2979 INFO [12-23|12:55:39] Imported new state entries count=1785 elapsed=8.368ms processed=3804867 pending=18668 retry=181 duplicate=1357 unexpected=2979 INFO [12-23|12:55:46] Imported new state entries count=1877 elapsed=40.313ms processed=3806744 pending=18545 retry=185 duplicate=1357 unexpected=2979 says that the blockchain size with fast snyc is only 35GB big. How big is the real Blockchain and why can't i find the real size???

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