Setting up wallets, getting real money from ETH coins from the pool & coinbase

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I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, or understanding it?

I first created a wallet ID with geth.
I then mined with ethminer.exe in Windows going to
I now have 0.75 ETH, broken up into multiple transactions.
I created a wallet ID at, and my coinbase account is linked to my checking account.

1. Do I even need an ID at coinbase? I assume I do so I can then transfer ETH to USD?
2. How do I get the ETH I have at pool into coinbase? Do I have to run geth commands to do the transfer?
3. Am I correct to assume I need a minimum of two wallet IDs? One for mining and the other wallet to transfer ETH coins into, so I can then transfer them to USD?

Thank you!
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