SCAM ALERT: (will pay anyone who can help me in recovering my wallet)

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warning: this scam is still going on!!!
Do not do business with these guys!

I used this online wallet to deposit my mining revenues. After some months I found my account frozen (balance 0.5 eth).

Money are untouched. I contacted support many times. They never answer...

I will pay 10% of the wallet content to anyone who is able to get my funds back

Thanks everyone
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    I can't directly help getting your wallet back, have you checked out the site information?

    Who.Is shows the owner of a domain:

    This shows a Company Registration Number...

    Use this number to search Companies House:

    The Director is listed as Frode Laberg ASCHIM...

    Maybe you can get help from his LinkedIn Profile:

    If you get a reply, then you know there may be some hope in sight.
    If not, the whole thing may be a scam and you may need to place a CCJ against the company?

    He is a director of several companies, maybe contacting another company will also help get hold of the owner:
  • dgreendgreen Member Posts: 13
    has anyone used this wallet?
    I need email of this guy
  • UnacceptableUnacceptable Member Posts: 30
    Did you get a keystroke file from that site??? If not it'll be up to them :(
    If you did then your in luck!!!
  • dgreendgreen Member Posts: 13
    I got Frode's mail, contacted him. But he never answered !
    It's 100% a scam.
    BEWARE: the site is still active and accept registrations. Stay far far away from it!

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    UPDATE: the wallet has recently been emptied.
    Let us reflect on the "patience" of certain miserable people ...
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    Why would you use a company like this to create a wallet for you? I don't understand.

    I just checked their site and I see they offer 0.8% daily returns?
    That's insane. No way that could be sustainable.
    Red Flag right there that this is a scam. No investment can guarantee nearly 1% daily. to grow your investment 2x ROI in like 100-200 days guaranteed is a scam.
    How could they generate nearly 1% profit per day on deposits? like what business model could do this?
    And I'm not talking "maybe profits". They are making a claim of a firm 0.8% reward daily.

    you have to ask yourself these questions. When something sounds too good to be true... it is.

    Like... why buy a RX 580 card for $300... to make $1 a day... (assuming that's what you did)
    if you put $300 into this guys account, he claims you'll get over $2 a day.
    ~~~More than double the daily reward than mining.

    Why did you start mining if you thought this site was true? You should have just bought ETH and sent him it all. (which thankfully you didn't.)

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