New to this forum/ETH in general, I just had a few noob questions...

Cmdr__TimCmdr__Tim Member Posts: 1
So I've started mining Eth just last week, and I was wondering if I was using the "right" programs. For my miner, I'm using Claymore V10. My pool is, and I'm using the jaxx wallet. Are these all good, or are there "better" alternatives? I have a RX 580/1050 ti which pull in 40MH/s. Additionally, I have roughly a 150-300Ms ping while mining, and I'm getting 5-10% stale shares, is this normal? Lastly, what should I use to convert my ETH to bitcoin? Thanks in advance!


  • chaffychaffy Member Posts: 36
    It's up to you to decide which pool suits you. Some have higher fees, some have more frequent payouts, some are solo mining based, etc... This thread has a list of pools and some info on them. I'm new to the mining world too but I've been using Jaxx for everything outside of purchasing coin on coinbase. There are other hardware based wallets I've heard are better than something like Jaxx. can be used to convert coin. I've never used it but a few friends have without issue. I'm still working on getting my first rig up and running so I can't help with the other numbers. Glad to know I'm not the only greenhorn!! Good Luck!
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