Transaction doesn't show up in my wallet

Through mining, I've received 0.01001 ETH, sent to my address.

The transaction is as follows on
26340 Confirmations
Time: 14/12/2017 04:30:12 (5 days ago)
From Ethermine (0xea67...)
To 0x576bb3d03d66610848CC7173Da5d7A0d1a9EB1Ab
Value 0.01001 ETH | $7.36
Fee 0.00002 ETH | $0.02
Gas Price 1 GWei
Gas Limit 50,000
Gas Used 21,000

However, this ~0.01ETH does not show up in my Ethereum Wallet (downloaded from the official website).
Since I first thought it was the GUI bugging out, so I've checked through console but the console also lists my total balance as 0.00ETH.

I am owner of the account 0x576bb3d03d66610848CC7173Da5d7A0d1a9EB1Ab, and my mainnet chain is fully synced.

What could be wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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