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*********** The Digital Dollar Coin (DDCT) ***********************

December 2017 is here and so is DDCT. Get in early and don’t be late. Your support is vital to advancing Renewable and Sustainable Energy across Asia, Africa, and North America. Let’s fight back the attack by identifying with one of the many projects taking place in the USA, China, India, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Over time DDCTers will Build Community awareness, Create Value, and join together for a Common Cause by Expanding and Sustaining Renewable Energy sources for a Better World through contributions to institutions such as, the Sustainable Energy Fund of Africa and the Asian Development Fund. How about building our own organization? Make Sustainability & Renewability with DDCT your First Choice today! [Power, Energy, Life] Check it out!


!!! If DDCT is not listed on your trading platform then ask for it to be listed !!!

TRADING OR MINING ETHEREUM ETHERS/TOKENS (Windows - other OS may have slight changes but are similar)

A) To trade only, simply sign up with your favorite trading site; attach a payment method, & Voila!

B) To mine ethers/tokens (one method; other methods are available; sites for downloads may also change). Create a local Directory and download the following to that directory:

1) Download Ethereum wallet (the GUI for Geth) OR
If you prefer Mist (browser + wallet) then grab that instead

2) Download Geth (the command line wallet)

3) Download Ethminer (the mining tool)

4) Install the software in the order below. Geth installation will update your windows paths so that you can run the program from any directory.

a) Install geth (geth paths, if you need it)
C:\Program Files\Geth OR

b) Open a Command prompt and add a user to geth with the following command (path included here for convenience):
C:\>geth account new (Use a strong pw & remember it)

c) Install the GUI wallet - it will auto discover your un & pw from geth

d) Take a copy of your account (address) & key pairs and keep them safe by backing up the keystore directory
C:\Users\ computer_user_name \AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\keystore>

e) Not compulsory, but if you need to know your private key, you may do the following:
Visit (go through the steps requested), upload your keystore file, enter your password & you will be able to see your private unencrypted key. You could use the opportunity to print a paper copy for your records.

f) Check & change your Windows Internet time setting

Control Panel --> Clock, language, & Region --> Date & time --> Internet time --> Change settings --> [ works for some people but some may need to change this to]

Make sure to Check the Synchronize with and Internet time server; Update Now & OK

5) You are now ready to Sync your wallet.

a) Open a command prompt and issue the following command
C:\>geth --syncmode=fast --cache=1024 (cache could also be 2048 or 4096 depending on total memory available)

This is not the most efficient wallet. The process may take anywhere from 4 hrs to 3 days depending on your machine specs.

If you need to check the progress of your syncing, then open a new command prompt and issue the following commands:
C:\>geth attach (this attaches to the current running instance of geth)
C:\>eth.syncing (this will give you the informational stats needed to see your progress)

If you need to start over the sync process from scratch for whatever reason, then you can browse to C:\Users\ computer_user_name \AppData\Roaming\Ethereum\geth> and delete the chaindata directory

The sync process will rebuild the directory OR you may open a command prompt and issue the following command to achieve the same thing:
C:\>geth removedb

6) After sync is complete, you can start mining with a Pool. Dwarfpool is used in this example since it requires no registration. You will need your address from your wallet. The address is case insensitive. Just make sure it includes the 0x at the beginning of the address. Replace the address below with your address.

a) close out the previous command prompts and open two new ones

b) In command prompt window 1 - issue the following command:
C:\> geth --rpc

c) In command prompt window 2 - issue one of the following commands (tweaking is up to you, depending on the power of your machine), there should be no break or space in the command, i.e. it’s one line. The command below assumes that you are using AMD, hence the -G switch. If you are using nVidia, then change the switch to -U

c:\>ethminer -G -F


c:\>ethminer -G -F --opencl-platform 1 --opencl-device 0 --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384


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