geth clients disk utilization

jaxnataxjaxnatax Member Posts: 1
Hallo there,

I am new here, so please excuse me of I am asking stupidness or I am maybe at a wrong place to ask...
I do like the go client because of its low CPU need, hence I have question for other metrics: disk utilization, capacity needs

-- why is light client existing if it can not be used for mining ? what is its purpose then ?

-- why is geth (any version [1.7.2, 1.7.3, 1.8.*]) utilizing at maximum level even on a sata3 ssd ? could not be optimalized a little (eg using index files or a db engine) ? what is the cause of this load/contious crawling ?

-- when exporting the chain, it consumes only 14-15 gigs - why is it eating 60Gb then in the "prod" environment ?

please feel free to give me deep technical explanations, probably I will understand
I am a tech guy also, so I am asking these because I'd like to understand the "problem" first and if I can then I would like to make suggestions later.

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