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Dear Cryptaur Users, /
We are getting ready for Stage One of our token sale and announce creation of the Promoter Team from among the members of our project.
The key idea of Cryptaur is to free the world from middlemen. Today we want to apply this idea to how we promote our project in order not to pay to some outsourced agencies but reward our own investors for their active participation in the development of Cryptaur.
If you are as excited about Cryptaur as we are, if you are an active user of social networks and internet forums, if you want to support the project of your future financial freedom, if you want to get additional CPT rewards, join our Promoter Team!
Candidates are expected to meet the following criteria:
1. To have their own social network pages or channels with considerable numbers of subscribers/followers.
2. To be able to make interesting posts/publications/videos on subjects in the field of cryptoindustry, finance or high tech. Or to be able to act as moderators at forums and chats.
3. To speak Russian or English, or to speak Russian or English in combination with one of the following languages: Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.
If you personally do not have those skills to become part of the Promoter Team but know someone who could be useful to Cryptaur, your recommendations will be most welcome.
Please send your applications at [email protected] with the "Promotion Team" as the subject of your letter. In your proposal please briefly introduce yourself and give links to your pages in social networks. Your emails should be written either in Russian or in English.
Details of your involvement and your remuneration will be discussed individually.
* Become a member of the cryptaur project. Please, registration (CPT) here: .

Wishing you a great day,
Your Cryptaur Team
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